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Thank you for contacting us for your parts request.  Please fill out the below form and include as much information as possible.  We need your boat model, year and hull ID if available.  Many parts have been changed over the years on current and non-current models.  We will do our best to help you find the part you need.  Pictures and measurements are often necessary to be sure you receive the correct parts. 

Gel coat colors are often available but please note that gel coat will fade overtime and the color you order may be very different than what you need to match a repair.  We will not be responsible for gel coat shade mis-matches.  Sometimes your best resource is a local professional who can match the color.

Helpful advice

  • non current boats requiring upholstery and cushions will need to consider a local professional to recover the existing upholstery.  World Cat does not stock or manurfacture non-current upholstery.

  • Many parts are not proprietary and can be found at a local marine store.

  • Gel coat is a hazardous material and requires special shipping methods.

  • World Cat boats built prior to 2017 are built with the Classic World Cat gel color. Current boats are Artic white

  • Carolina Cat and Glacier Bay's were built with Artic White gelcoat.

  • Part numbers are helpful but many old part numbers a are obsolete.

Time frame

As we know the last couple of years have created a challenge to meet demand for World Cat Boats and parts.  Supply chain issues have affected every aspect of the industry.  Please be patient and we will do our best to help you find applicable parts in the shortest amount of time as possible. 

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