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 World Cat Dual Console Models  

World Cat Boat 400DCX at anchor


World Cat Boat 280dcx


World Cat Boat 230DC running port side


World Cat Boat 325DC


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GB 2740

World Cat Boat 230DC


World Cat Boat on plane


World Cat Boat 255DC on plane


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 World Cat Center Console Models  

World Cat Boat 325CC


LOA: 32’2″
Beam: 10’6″
Hull Draft: 16″
Freeboard Aft: 28″
Transom Height: 25″
Fuel Capacity: 279 gal (2 x 139.5)
Max HP Rating: 600 HP (2 x 300 HP)
Approx. Dry Weight*: 10,100 lbs w/ twin 300’s
Trailering Height**: 10’6″
Bridge Clearance: 9’0″
Cockpit Length: 54″
Freshwater Capacity: 20 gal
Wastewater Capacity: 15 gal
Typical Cruise***: 19.1 mph / 2.2 mpg
Typical WOT***: 52.2 mph / 1.0 mpg
Seating: 12 people

World Cat Boat 235cc


LOA: 22’7″
Molded LOA: 22’7″
Beam: 8’6″
Draft: 9”
Gunwale height: Aft 22”
Transom Height: 25”
Approx. Dry Weight: 4,000 lbs (w/twin 115's)
Max HP Rating: 230 HP (2 x 115)
Fuel Capacity: 89 gal (2 x 44.5 gal)
Livewell Capacity: 30 gal
Boat Capacity: 10 Persons
Typical Cruise*: 25.8 mph / 2.9 mpg
Typical WOT*: 41.8 mph / 2.0 mpg

World Cat Boat 295cc on plane


LOA: 29’1″
Molded LOA: 29’1″
Beam: 9’6″
Hull Draft: 15”
Freeboard Aft: 27”
Transom Height: 25”
Approx. Dry Weight: 8,500 lbs 300’s
Max HP Rating: 600 HP (2 x 300)
Fuel Capacity: 233 gal (2 x 116.5)
Livewell Capacity: 42 gal
Freshwater Capacity: 25 gal
Wastewater Capacity: 15 gal
Trailering Height*: 10’6”
Bridge Clearance: 8’10”
Cockpit Length: 50”
Typical Cruise**: 31.7 mph / 1.8 mpg
Typical WOT**: 55.4 mph / 1.0 mpg

World Cat Boat 280cc on plane


LOA: 27’6”
Beam: 9’2”
Hull Draft: 14″
Freeboard Aft: 27″
Transom Height: 25″
Approx. Dry Weight:* 7,300 lbs. (w/ twin 200's)
Max HP Rating: 400HP (2 x 200 HP)
Fuel Capacity: 220 gal (2 x 110 gal)
Livewell Capacity: 30 gal
Freshwater Capacity: 17 gal
Wastewater Capacity: 9 gal
Trailering Height*: 9’6”
Bridge Clearance*: 8’4”
Cockpit Length: 41”
Typical Cruise: 29.0 mph / 2.0 mpg
Typical WOT: 46.3 mph / 1.2 mpg

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